Race analytics

Perceptive Data brings race data to life with customised visual analytics of timed events. Competitors can interact with the analytics to understand the story of the race. Did they finish as part of a large group? How far were they from the next competitor? They can reveal competitor’s stats by simply hovering over their icon, while the Competitor Lookup feature highlights an individual within a crowded field.

Race analytics
Race analytics bring static race data to life

Race analytics allow organisers to understand their event to a new level. The distribution of results across the different race categories reveals participation and ability levels.

Race analytics for timed events

The visualisations are compatible with popular timing results formats such as RaceTec and race|result and can be customised for most timing systems.

Perceptive Data’s Race Analytics are available through event timing companies and directly from Perceptive Data.

Visual analytics provide an interactive way to explore race results. Contact Perceptive Data for customised analytics of your event.

Recent events

Gold Rush Trail Run – Hepburn Springs / Daylesford, Vic – 14th December 2019

2XU Triathlon Series Race 2 – Sandringham, Vic – 8th December 2019

Variety Santa Fun Run – Newcastle, NSW – 8th December 2019

Crack the Crater – Buninyong, Vic – 27th October 2019