Data analyst and visualiser

As a data analyst, my aim for Perceptive Data is to provide you with invaluable business intelligence to make your strategic decisions. That is, the tools to be ‘perceptive’ in your strategic decision making.

Grant Henderson - data analyst
Grant Henderson, Principal Analyst, Perceptive Data

Being perceptive is being knowledgable about what’s happening in your organisation and what’s likely to happen next.

Being perceptive with data enables you to react quickly and decisively. The value of knowing your trends and hotspots can be the difference between growing, sustaining or succumbing.

By extracting, visualising and analysing your data, my goal is to provide the data intelligence and insight to guide your strategic decision making.

I welcome your contact to discuss your data needs and challenges.

Data visualisation

I specialise in Tableau, which is a world leading business intelligence software provider. As a Tableau Certified Associate, I have the skills and experience to design revealing visual dashboards and bring your data to life.

Perceptive Data interactive dashboard
Snapshot of a Perceptive Data interactive dashboard

Visual analytics with Tableau can unveil hidden insights in your data, helping your organisation make the right decisions at the right time. 

I’ve developed the Electricity Generation in Australia Dashboard as a demonstration of how data can be visually explored. This shows how you can interact with a dashboard and drill-down to discover trends and patterns.

With this approach we can say goodbye to time consuming charts in Excel and welcome a new level of business intelligence for your data.

Data preparation

“Our data is messy” is a common theme I encounter in initial conversations with an organisation. Don’t worry, that’s very, very normal!

It’s not unusual for an organisation to have multiple sources of disorganised data, often hived away in a myriad of databases and spreadsheets.

For a data analyst, typically the first stage is to prepare this data for analysis. This service consists of organising, combining, cleaning and validating the data. While this is often one of the major tasks to be undertaken, in doing so, this provides me with a solid understanding of your data and paves the way for in-depth analysis.

Tableau density plot
Density plots can reveal geographical hotspots

I can both develop the Tableau dashboards that enable you and your staff to explore your data, and also take the deep dive with you, analysing and explaining any trends and hot-spots that emerge.

Data literacy

Data literacy skills are critical for making meaning from data and for improved decision making.  I hold a Dip.Ed in Education and have performed as a learning designer within the Victorian Specialist Science Centre network.  These skills and experiences I use to advantage when explaining analytics and delivering insights.

My services extend to presenting this analysis to your stakeholders (which can deliver the ‘ahh’ moment you’ve been waiting for). I can also train your staff to set you on your way to analytics independence, beginning a culture of data-driven decision making.

Through Perceptive Data I also provide Tableau analytics education and training.  I’m currently designing data literacy programs for the next generation of data analysts with Federation University and the Ballarat Tech School.

Bees with Backpacks – Data Literacy at the Ballarat Tech School with Perceptive Data and the CSIRO

Perceptive projects

My current and recent projects include:

  • Federation University – Analytics consulting; curriculum development
  • Victoria University – Workforce modelling
  • Bartlett Integrated Towing Solutions – Analytics consulting
  • Ballarat Tech School – Data Literacy
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia – Data capture tools
  • Race Analytics – an analytics service for timed sporting events

Let’s talk

I welcome your analytics questions and am pleased to have a chat around your analytics goals and challenges. Located in Ballarat, Western Victoria, I’ve provided consulting services to Melbourne and across state and international borders, so feel free to make contact wherever you may be located.